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We are dedicated to the creation of visionary, contextual, and historically-sensitive work that shapes the built environment and serves the needs of the community.


We strive to view every design decision based upon its impact to the environment, from urban planning, to adaptive building reuse, to green materials.

Studio Culture

We are organized as a 'studio' environment, meaning the free exchange of ideas is strongly encouraged. It is our belief that an atmosphere promoting multi-disciplinary participation and multi-media expression is crucial to the creative process.



Our goal is to provide personal attention and responsiveness to every client directly from a plan principal. We believe that this approach promotes both strong communication and successful design.


We work with like-minded firms, of various disciplines, with whom we have developed strong professional relationships. We have found this method of collaboration to be a significant advantage to strategically assemble principal-lead consultant teams that contribute unique expertise to each project.


As urbanists, we are passionate about the resurgence and revitalization of the city. We are actively involved with organizations that share our goals and aspirations for the built environment.


All members of the studio, including the principals, are technically savvy at producing construction documents, graphics and computer models utilizing a wide range of software and media. Technology has enabled us to embrace a new paradigm of practice where architects are multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-media designers.


This design initiative was created by the principals of PLAN Studio, and it provides a platform for research, exploration and expression that is unencumbered by the obstacles of conventional practice. Each year the PLAN Studio identifies and executes specific projects ranging from small buildings to large urban plans. These project are architect-led, treating the design and appropriateness as high-priority. The intent of ArcheNOVA is to provide a pro-active vehicle for the stimulation of high-quality and meaningful design for the urban context.


  1. Uphold the highest level of professionalism and personal accountability.

  2. Strive for design excellence and creativity.

  3. Exhibit a rigorous work ethic and positive attitude.

  4. Embrace the spirit of collaboration and partnership.

  5. Contribute to an active and stimulating studio environment.

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