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SHELL (restaurant)

Rochester, New York

PLAN Studio was asked to develop a concept for a new restaurant in Downtown Rochester, NY. Along with the restaurant design, a project vision statement emerged.

Vision Statement:

“SHELL presents a unique dining experience crafted around the distinctive perspectives of Rochester’s Chef Cruz Nieves. By blending various influences into its layout and feel, SHELL is an environment unlike any other in the region.

The design draws inspiration from historical and contemporary influences, with no distinct hierarchy, Including: 

  • Architect Ralph Walker’s distinctive ‘Times Square Building’, whose ‘Wings of Progress’ are a local example of Art Deco during its height. As well as Walker’s ‘One Wall Street’, a Manhattan icon that features an amber glowing interior.

  • The Oyster Bar at New York City’s Grand Central Station, with its curving ‘Catalan vaulted’ ceilings adorned with terra cotta tiles. And the smaller scale, and once prevalent, oyster houses of the late 19th Century that populated Manhattan.

  • Classic Spanish tapas bars that welcome you in with their warm neighborhood charm, and feed your soul with various seafood-forward, bite-sized dishes.

Drawing from both traditional and modern, it is important that the space be simple and sophisticated, yet maintain a raw and edgy feel. Chef Cruz, and his creations, are the stars of the show. The architecture is the backdrop for this performance to unfold.”

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