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City of Geneva - Farmer's Market Study

Geneva, New York

The pavilion is designed as a linear, ‘park inspired’ structure to accommodate vendors during market days, and serve as a venue for diverse events and activities.
It's planned to accommodate up to 42 vendors, with room for an additional 30 to 40 tent vendors on the adjacent site, if required.

The pavilion features a central aisleway that spans six types of vendor spaces varying in size and features. Starting from the south and moving north, these spaces range from a basic concrete slab for tent setups, to a covered area, and then to a section enclosed by operable overhead 'garage' doors. Vendors on the western side have the convenience of backing their vehicles up to their designated spaces, while those on the east can interact with customers either within the internal aisle, or along the lakeside walk.

The enclosed vendor area is envisioned to have moderate climate control with a radiant heated slab.

In addition to the versatile vending spaces, the northern section of the building would include a fully-conditioned entry vestibule, small market office, a sink room for vendors, restrooms, as well as storage and utility rooms.

Some of the proposed sustainable design features for the pavilion include a Geothermal System to serve the radiant slab, and a roof-mounted Photovoltaic (Solar) Array.

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