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Rochester Public Market

Rochester, New York

Winner of 2018 AIA Rochester Design Excellence Award

Winner of 2018 AIA Rochester Mayor's Award


The City retained the consultant design team to study potential renovations and expansions to the existing ‘Wintershed’ (Shed B) at the Rochester Public Market.  In order to establish a broader view of the entire market, the scope of the project evolved into a comprehensive Master Plan.  

The Master Plan outlined recommendations, and identified proposed renovations and new construction, to accomplish the primary goals set forth by the Market and its constituents: Create an active market throughout the entire week and year. Ensure service to a wide diversity of customers. Create modernized facilities to meet the needs of current and future vendors. Expand the number of vending spaces under cover. Provide a variety of vending options.


The Master Plan addressed the Market’s needs by: drawing from the intrinsic logic of the original 1905 market plan; embracing evolving trends in market vending; and by establishing circulation patterns and aesthetic gestures that carefully stitch the market together architecturally.

The key features of Phase One included: A new open ‘Shed D’ on the approximate footprint of an original market shed; A new enclosed ‘Shed B’, replacing the original ‘Wintershed’, to accommodate food producers and produce vendors, provide a wider the circulation aisle, add public restrooms, and upgrade utilities; And the incorporation of four new flanking food kiosks.


The architecture is straight-forward and functional. Shed D was designed as a modern interpretation of the original open sheds. Shed B provides transparency with its large north-facing operable window wall that visually connects the once isolated facility with the rest of the market. And the food kiosks are built from recycled shipping-containers.

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